How do we recognise the 3 types of hair loss?

Types Description


Hair Loss
• Occurs suddenly, is extreme and goes away again
• Always a three-month delay after the event

• E.g.: Seasonal, hormonal fluctuations, stress, radical diets
• E.g.: Thyroid, menopause, postpartum
• Operation, anaesthetic, mental trauma, illness, nutritional deficiency, medications

Hair Loss
• Customer says: “My hair is getting thinner and thinner!” Fullness is noticeably/visibly reduced
• Hair deteriorates in quality towards the tips
• Hair is limp, hair quality is reduced
• No resilience, hard to hold a style

• Poor health such as poor nutritions, wrong diets, vitamin and mineral substance deficiencies
• Poor scalp circulation, medications such as blood thinners
• Too many free radicals due to unhealthy lifestyle

Genetic Hair Loss,
Hair Loss
• Clear difference with men, receding hair line, bald spot
• In women, the distribution patterns are unclear, frequently more on the top of the hair, hair thins out overall

• Genetic sensitivity of the hair follicle to androgens (male hormones), 5 alpha reductase
• Age-related hardening of the connective tissue layer